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Dorico, the brand new music notation application and scoring software for professionals from Steinberg. The next-generation standard scoring application for composers and musicians.

Dorico Layout and formatting

Dorico Layout Dorico makes it easy to produce a consistent and attractive layout for every project, thanks to its unique page layout features. Switch to Engrave mode, and its power is instantly revealed to you: frames for music, text and graphics can be laid out in any arrangement for any kind of project.
Dorico’s unique approach to rhythmic spacing allows music to be spaced more tightly than other scoring programs, without sacrificing clarity and legibility. Items are automatically tucked or kerned against each other to avoid the rhythmic distortion that disturbs the flow of the music. Dorico produces spacing of beautiful consistency and balance every time.

Layout types

  • Unlimited number of full score, instrumental parts, and custom score layouts within the same project, all of which are completely customizable
  • Full score layouts by default contain music for all players from all flows
  • Part layouts are automatically created when players are added, and by default contain music from all flows for a single player
  • Custom score layouts can contain any combination of players and flows, useful for creating e.g. rehearsal vocal scores
  • Page size, margins, staff size, master page usage, etc. are all independent between layouts and controlled via Layout Options
  • Appearance of individual notated items can vary between layouts using properties

Page setup

  • Choose between 19 preset page sizes, or define your own custom size
  • Landscape or portrait orientation
  • Page margins can be identical, mirrored or independent on facing pages
  • Page setup is completely independent for each layout in the project

System layout

  • Optional automatic indentation of the first system in a flow, often used in instrumental parts and scores for solo instruments
  • Create system breaks at any rhythmic position, including in the middle of bars, or even in the middle of nested tuplets
  • Automatic casting-off of music in open meter
  • Change staff size at any system break
  • Scale any player’s staves to any size proportional to the current staff size
  • Change note spacing values and ratio at any rhythmic position
  • Make into system, make into frame, lock system and lock frame formatting commands

Vertical spacing

  • Automatic adjustment of the distance between staves for collision avoidance
  • Default top and bottom margin within music frames defined in Layout Options, and can be overridden on a per-frame basis
  • Threshold-based vertical justification: if page is nearly full, try to justify only by increasing the distance between systems; if page is less full, justify by increasing both the distance between staves and the distance between systems
  • Grand staff instruments are justified as a single unit
  • Automatic vertical spacing of braced staves takes dynamics and beams between staves into account
  • Separate vertical spacing values for every combination of staves (top or bottom of bracket, in the middle of bracket, braced, or unbracketed) for total control

Page layout

  • Full desktop publisher-style frame-based page layout system
  • Separate frames for text, music, and graphics
  • Master page templates define default appearance of left- and right-hand pages
  • Automatic use of specific master page for first page of each flow
  • Multiple music frames on the same page can have independent content or be linked together
  • Music frames can be filtered to include only music from specific flows or players
  • Music inside each chain of music frames can be sized and laid out independently
  • Text frames can include tokens that dynamically display information from Project Info, such as title, layout name, copyright information, etc.
  • Insert blank pages at any point in a layout
  • Change page numbers, including switching between Arabic and Roman numerals (useful for front matter)
  • Constraint-based layout system allows frame layouts to adapt to different page sizes
  • Define independent sets of master pages and specify which set should be used by each layout


  • Import bitmap (PNG, JPG, BMP) and vector (SVG) graphics into graphics frames
  • Resize graphic to fit frame at the same aspect ratio as the original graphic, or to fill the frame completely, or at any other size relative to the frame
  • Place a graphic frame on a master page to automatically show that graphic on every instance of that master page

Dorico Playback and audio

Audio engine

  • 32-bit floating point audio engine
  • Supports all VST 3-compatible virtual instruments and effects plug-ins
  • Supports specific whitelisted VST 2-compatible virtual instruments and effects, including NI Kontakt
  • Includes Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver for audio devices without dedicated ASIO drivers

Included plug-ins

  • HALion Sonic SE 2 sampler workstation instrument
  • More than 1500 production-ready sounds from the HALion Sonic SE 2 factory collection
  • The complete HALion Symphonic Orchestra library, including more than 100 high-quality orchestral patches
  • REVerence convolution reverb effects processor
  • More than 30 other effects processors, including compressor, brickwall limiter, delay, conventional reverb, guitar amp simulator, and many more


  • True audio mixer with per-channel insert/send effects and routing control, plus integrated channel strip with four-band parametric equalizer
  • Separate channels for each output from each virtual instrument in the rack
  • Master effects channel fader with default REVerence reverb
  • Hide/show controls for inserts, sends, routing, EQ
  • Mute/solo tracks
  • Make faders narrower or wider to fit more faders into view

Score interpretation

  • Automatic generation of tempo map from tempo marks in the project
  • Automatic generation of dynamic profile from immediate and gradual dynamics in the project
  • Playing techniques result in changes of VST Expression Map

Playback control

  • Start playback from playhead location, start of selection, start of flow, last playback start location
  • Fast-forward/rewind Play mode
  • Dedicated Play mode interface with piano roll event display
  • Each voice for each instrument displayed as a separate track
  • Expand/collapse each track to see either played regions or individual events
  • Expand/collapse automation lane for editing controller data and dynamic profile (limited functionality)
  • VST Instruments panel allows the loading/unloading of VST plug-ins, and showing their editor interfaces

All Features marked with are unique to Dorico and not found in any other commercial desktop scoring software

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