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Dorico, the brand new music notation application and scoring software for professionals from Steinberg. The next-generation standard scoring application for composers and musicians.

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Dorico Input and editing

Dorico Playback and AudioInputting music in Dorico is fast and easy. Use your keyboard or mouse to input notes, and learn easy to remember key commands, or define your own, allowing you to fly through note input faster than ever before. Dorico has the flexibility to notate every note according to the changing musical context using its sophisticated understanding of the rules of meter, ensuring that the rhythm is always clearly communicated, even as notes are lengthened, shortened, inserted or removed.

Note input tools

  • Caret for note input, allowing you to freely move the input position between bars and staves with the arrow keys
  • Rhythmic grid ruler to determine the distance by which the caret moves with the arrow keys
  • Chord input mode, allowing quick building of chords from the bottom up
  • Grace note input mode, allowing quick input of grace notes
  • Copy music to another instrument, then quickly change the pitches of those notes while retaining the rhythms with lock durations mode
  • Override Dorico’s automatic notation of rhythms according to the prevailing meter using the force durations mode
  • Quickly repeat the last note or chord during input
  • No need to input rests – Dorico automatically creates appropriate rests based on the meter and rhythmic position of notes
  • Unlimited voices (or layers) for each instrument, with comprehensive automatic collision avoidance for notes and rests

Alphabetic input

  • Single-key shortcuts for note pitches, durations, accidentals, and articulations
  • No need for a numeric keypad for core note input/editing shortcuts
  • Create all notations using only the computer keyboard, using a unique system of popovers: simply type the name of the item you want to create

Step input using a MIDI keyboard

  • Use any keyboard connected to your computer via USB or MIDI interface
  • Use the computer keyboard to choose note durations, add rhythm dots, articulations, etc., and simply play notes or chords on your MIDI keyboard to input them

Mouse input

  • Use your mouse pointer to click notes into the score
  • Shadow note shows the pitch that will be produced when you click
  • Rhythmic grid display shows the rhythmic position at which the note will be inserted when you click
  • Create all notations using the mouse using the right-hand panels in Write mode
  • Use selection tool to disable mouse input if you would prefer to use your computer keyboard for input and your mouse only for making selections

Unprecedented freedom

  • Input in open meter: add barlines only where you want them, change the time signature at any point, and Dorico will renotate your music
  • Engage insert mode to automatically shuffle music left and right as you insert or delete notes from a voice, or change durations
  • Changing the duration of a selected note either shuffles all subsequent notes along ( in insert mode) or overwrites only the portion of the subsequent notes affected by the edit
  • Write any tuplet at any rhythmic position, with any level of nesting, even if that position crosses a barline
  • Delete tuplets and the notes and rests within the tuplet are automatically unscaled to their rational durations

Copy and paste

  • Select any item or combination of items and copy them to the clipboard, then paste them elsewhere
  • Quickly copy selected items simply by holding Alt and clicking where you want them to be pasted
  • Use R to repeat the selected items immediately after their current position Navigation
  • Clicking and dragging on the score can either scroll the music or make a marquee selection, toggled with a single keypress
  • Gesture support for trackpads: two-finger scrolling, and pinch gestures to zoom
  • Use the mouse wheel to scroll up and down; add Shift to scroll left and right; add Ctrl to zoom in and out

Options and Properties

  • Three sets of options (Layout Options, Notation Options, Engraving Options) with hundreds of options controlling the appearance of your music, with rich graphical interfaces showing the effect of almost every option directly within the dialog
  • Options dialogs are non-modal, and can be left open while you work
  • Context-sensitive Properties panel to edit individual items

All Features marked with are unique to Dorico and not found in any other commercial desktop scoring software

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