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Dorico, the brand new music notation application and scoring software for professionals from Steinberg. The next-generation standard scoring application for composers and musicians.

Dorico Import and export

Dorico Import, Export & Printout Projects often start or finish outside your scoring software. Dorico can import MusicXML and MIDI files from Cubase, other scoring programs and other DAWs. It can also export MusicXML files, allowing you to take projects started in Dorico into other applications.


  • Import compressed or uncompressed MusicXML files created in other music applications, including Cubase, Sibelius, and Finale
  • Optionally retain coarse formatting information specified in the MusicXML file (e.g. stem directions, beam grouping, explicit accidentals, slur placement, etc.), or allow Dorico to calculate these automatically using its own rules
  • Export compressed or uncompressed MusicXML files (some notations not currently exported)

Audio export

  • Export your project in uncompressed WAV or compressed MP3 format MIDI
  • Import MIDI files created in other music applications
  • Currently, limited control over transcription/quantization settings and choice of instruments mapped for each track in the MIDI file
  • Export MIDI files with each voice on each instrument exported as a separate track


  • Batch print multiple copies of all layouts from the project with one click
  • Normal, spreads, 2-up, or booklet print jobs
  • Support for printers with automatic duplex printing units
  • When printing 2-up or spreads on large-format paper in landscape, automatically print odd final page on small-format paper in portrait
  • Print at any scale factor, with music automatically resized to fit the destination paper size
  • Include standard annotations (date/time, crop marks, border, watermark) on printed pages if needed

Graphics export

  • Batch export of all layouts from the project with one click
  • Export a range of pages from one or more layouts
  • Export press-ready monochrome PDFs
  • Export bitmap graphics in PNG or TIFF format, with choice of output resolution
  • Export vector graphics in PDF or SVG format
  • Optionally include date in the filename to avoid overwriting previous version, or keep track of revisions
  • Include standard annotations (date/time, crop marks, border, watermark) in exported graphics if needed

All Features marked with are unique to Dorico and not found in any other commercial desktop scoring software

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